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gypsy soul of mine.

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Yoko, Ringo & Paul dancing to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ is my favourite thing.


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Stintino Sunset by SimoneCesana


Stintino Sunset by SimoneCesana

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Catching Up

Wow. It’s been forever. I’ve been postponing getting back on tumblr just because I’m SO BEHIND on posts.

Basically, my life has gone from good to bad to amazing.

After many months of going through school, work, family, friends, boyfriend, career, I’m at a good place now.

I cried yesterday. Of happiness that is. My heart is filled with so much joy, love, optimism and motivation.

My lifestyle went from drinking, partying, being unhealthy with my weight loss methods, neglecting a lot of responsibilities- to clean eating, gym, yoga, spending time with myself, spending time with my boyfriend, opening up to my family.

It’s incredible.

I cut drinking for two reasons: 1) clean eating and healthy living 2) I’ve been experiencing anxiety attacks from high levels of stress so I removed the everyday coffee and alcohol.

I hardly party because: I work late nights, I’d rather spend my day off RELAXING, I enjoy working out and recovering, I’ve been overwhelmed and just want to get myself together.

With that said, I’m looking forward to EDC in 1 month, MDW, and my vacation in August, and San Francisco in September :)

Ill keep posting more often. Bbl :)

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Theory on Airplanes

One of the reasons I love traveling is because I truly believe it’s about the journey, not the destination.

With that being said- I love airplanes. It’s the one moment where you’re “nowhere.” Not here, not there.

You’re either getting away from something, but always looking UNTO something else. Ever stop and think where are these people going? Where is their final destination? Their purpose? Honeymoon, vacation, business, running away, funeral, new life. You never know..

It’s interesting, mysterious and exhilarating to travel and be on an airplane.

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